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A picture story book for parents - written by Julie Pearce, illustrated by Wendi Seymour

Wishes for us...Wishes for You is a story of grieving and of loving. It is a story that honours, recognises and acknowledges the truth of the everlasting bond between newly gifted parents and their baby – even though that little one was born forever sleeping.

Over 2,000 stillbirths occur in Australia each and every year. Further to this, perinatal mortality statistics provided by VCAMS (Victorian Child and Adolescent Monitoring System) measuring the rate of stillbirths (foetal deaths of babies of more than 20 weeks gestation or more than 400 grams in weight) show us that the rate of stillbirths continues to rise.

Wishes for us...Wishes for You beautifully supports the journey of grief travelled by those forever bruised by the loss of a baby. Told in words and pictures, this moving story empowers parents and loved ones in identifying and appreciating the reality of this newly born, newly gone child – no matter its gestation, its perfection – or despite its imperfections.

Wishes for us...Wishes for you is a 40-page, A4-size, full-colour picture book, and will be available for purchase here in late October, 2010. For further enquiries or for more information, please contact wishesforus@optusnet.com.au.

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Author Julie Pearce is married and has three living adult children. Losing several babies (including a twin pregnancy) prior to 20 weeks gestation has provided Julie with a depth of insight and understanding which is evident in this book. Julie’s personal experiences of loss occurred in those years, in the not-too-distant past, when the death of a child before birth was not spoken about, let alone recognised as a cause of deep grief.

Julie’s passion for her work over the past 15 years as a Funeral Director and Celebrant, specialising in the care and support of parents and families touched by the death of a baby or child, is obvious to all who have been professionally supported by her.

In addition to working alongside bereaved parents and families, Julie has shared her wisdom in academic circles through lectures and workshops in hospitals and related agencies. Countless midwives, teachers, social workers, nurses, families, pastoral carers and fellow funeral directors have benefitted from her experiences, her research and her willingness to mentor others in their own field of expertise.

Illustrator Wendi Seymour is married and has two adult children.

Wendi is an award winning artist who is regularly commissioned for portraits and illustration work in pastels and mixed media. For many years she made her career as a Florist and Floral Designer, where colour, rhythm, texture and design satisfied her creative spirit. She is now revelling in the world of fine art, where enchanting, whimsical and quirky paintings have become her signature.

Julie and Wendi are sisters, who have been both humbled and thrilled in being able to share this creative and emotive experience together - combining and uniting their individual talents and passions, so that a truly beautiful, meaningful and lasting legacy may be gifted to those whose lives have been touched and forever changed by the loss of a baby.

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"Wishes for us...Wishes for you is a picture story book, written for parents, which clearly sets it apart from other literature I have read... it sensitively and beautifully fills a niche which has previously been unmet – not only for parents themselves – but also for loved ones and friends – who wish to be able to recognise the reality of this baby – and the pain and love they feel at the loss experienced by those they care so deeply for. Julie Pearce perfectly captures the emotions experienced by parents who have a baby born sleeping with a gentle sensitivity in the way only someone who has been touched by such a loss can.

Julie addresses this highly emotive topic in the same loving, caring way in which I have witnessed her deal professionally with many families who have endured the grief of a baby born forever sleeping. Wishes for us...Wishes for you has been written from the heart and reflects an inner knowledge of the intensely painful grief experience of parents which Julie clearly understands. Having professionally supported countless couples over time who have experienced this indescribable loss I believe Wishes for us...Wishes for you will be a great comfort to parents thrust upon the highway of grief following the loss of their baby.”

-Melissa Bartlett, Social Worker

“Julie’s repeated ‘wishing upon your star’ symbolises the cry of distress, longing and wanting what could not be – a baby to take home, to love and nurture to adulthood – what every parent wishes for. The connection with the star reflects the continuing bond that remains for parents with their baby over long years past the lusty cries of other babies or the continuing silence of the baby born still. On behalf of 30 years of parents of babies stillborn, miscarried or dying soon after birth SANDS understands wishing on your star’ and congratulates Julie for providing this sensitive resource from her heart and the hearts of many parents.

SANDS’ specialised parent-to-parent support when a baby dies is there beyond this resource to help fill the void - to discover that we all feel the same wishing, longing and missing.”

-Penny Brabin - SANDS Australia, Psychologist and parent of the brightest star in Leo – Liam James, stillborn 1984

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Wishes for us...Wishes for you is a 40-page, A4-size, beautifully illustrated, full-colour picture book, available for purchase here, for postage within Australia and around the world.

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For all enquiries regarding Wishes for us...Wishes for you, including information about purchasing, media requests, to give feedback, and to contact the author and the illustrator, please email wishesforus@optusnet.com.au.

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